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Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman

"Why do people have memories? It would be easier to die - anything to stop remembering". This stunning quote features on the back of a cover design that features a mixture of authentic Russian textiles from the 19th century and the Soviet era.
This book is absolutely a 20th century War and Peace. Its scale is tremendous with so many people muddling through the second world war in Stalingrad in their different ways. Like Tolstoy, Grossman adopts many viewpoints: from the immediate perceptions of an ordinary soldier to the loftier perception of an historian or philosopher. The structure of this novel is similar to that of War and Peace in that the life of an entire country is evoked through a number of subplots involving members of a single family. Grossman's evocation of Stalingrad is at least as vivid as Tolstoy's evocation of Austerlitz.
I am unsure how to describe his writing except to say that it is raw, earthy and also deeply poetic at times. He can take the most dreadful images that you could imagine and somehow find a way to describe them in words that are as much beautiful as they are horrifying. In spite of the number of times that I have heard of and read about the horrific atrocities committed during wartime, Grossman has found a way to make all of this fresh to my eyes - as if I had never even heard before that people could be detained in camps or various forms of prisons where they learn the full meaning of being nothing more than a means to an end.
The manuscript for "Life and Fate" was judged so dangerous by the Soviet authorities that it was immediately confiscated when completed in 1960. There is nothing eccentric about this novel, either stylistically or structurally. But for Grossman's persistent moral questioning and his heretical equation of Communism with Nazism, "Life and Fate" would have come oddly close to meeting the authorities' repeated demand for a truly Soviet epic.
This masterpiece was finally smuggled out to the West and published in 1980. Sadly, Grossman did not live to see this novel published. It is likely, however, that he did not yearn for personal recognition so much as that people might attend to what he has said 'on behalf of those who lie in the earth'.
I will leave you with a dearly loved quote that may sum up how even in the darkest of times there is a light of humanity that shines ever brightly. Grossman writes that "neither fate, nor history, nor the anger of the State, not the glory of infamy of battle has any power to affect those who call themselves human beings. No, whatever life holds in store - hard-won glory, poverty and despair, or death in a labour camp - they will live as human beings and die as human beings, the same as those who have already perished; and in this alone lies man's eternal and bitter victory over all the grandiose and inhuman forces that ever have been or will be…".

Jessie Westerlund

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University Bookshop stocks all texts for University of Auckland, AUT and Unitec courses. We can also procure any textbook for any University, contact us if you have any queries. We offer a number of services for students and give a discount off the RRP / List Price on most titles. For further information on our services for students please click here.

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To ensure the University Bookshop stocks the texts required for your course please contact our textbuyers. Their details can be found by clicking the link below. If you are new to The University of Auckland please come and see us in store to familiarise yourself with the University Bookshop and the peculiarities of the publishing industry in this part of the world. For further information on our services for lecturers please click here

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University Bookshop is a well established supplier of books to a large number of academic, municipal and professional libraries. Based at No 2 Alfred Street our experienced team offer a unique range services that include:

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