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The Signalman by Charles Dickens

It is an absolute delight to be able to review yet another review by one of my favourite authors of all time. Do not be fooled by the small size of the book because (as always!) Dickens is able to draw us right into the lives of his characters in a very short space of time. The general gist of the first story is that a man meets the signalman of a train station. The signalman is extremely vigilant of all that goes on around the railway lines and takes very precise care over all that his job involves. The man who meets the signalman is very curious as to what his existence is like in his lonely and dark looking work area. He takes a lot of time to listen to what the signalman tells him about his anxiety – he is convinced that there is danger imminent because of a ghostly figure who gives the danger bell a distinct ring that only he can hear and because this figure appears in the darkness of the tunnel with a mournful stance.
Dickens himself felt the impact of a train crash at Stapleton when he got out of his carriage in order to assist the injured and dying in any way that he could. This experience affected him terribly which may have inspired him to write this story. In the introduction of this book, we are informed that Dickens and a friend would sometimes observe what went on around the train tracks at night. It is quite possible that he himself did get to see what a signalman’s job involved in great detail, and therefore he could write this story with accuracy and sensitivity.
The final story of this book reads like a monologue with a broad-accented character speaking about their time working at a café. This will be appreciated by anyone with any sort of experience in customer service, or even anyone who enjoys seeing how well Dickens can make a well thought-out character speak.
I cannot possibly divulge a lot of detail in terms of plot of The Signalman lest there be nothing for you to discover for yourselves. There is a great twist near the end which is very moving in spite of knowing the characters only for a short while. I will only say that I dearly appreciate the writing of Dickens for its ability to give us an insight into the lives of others. He spent a good many hours walking around his local towns and must have seen and heard of many dreadful happenings that he sought to improve or at least bring awareness to. His writing gives us a great insight into the kind of compassionate and observant person he must have been to know. If you are yet unacquainted with any of his works, I would encourage you dear reader to start with this or one of his other more well-known works.

Jessie Westerlund

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We are the official supplier of textbooks for the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Unitec and Waiariki. University Bookshop stores are fully serviced academic campus stores, complete with an extensive range of general, academic and text books, student course supplies, stationery and more. Our philosophy has always been to be a competitive provider of textbooks, literature, educational and professional material to the tertiary, professional sectors, academic, municipal and professional libraries. We have achieved a reputation for excellence in New Zealand's book supply industry through our commitment to quality customer service.



University Bookshop stocks all texts for University of Auckland, AUT and Unitec courses. We can also procure any textbook for any University, contact us if you have any queries. We offer a number of services for students and give a discount off the RRP / List Price on most titles. For further information on our services for students please click here.

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To ensure the University Bookshop stocks the texts required for your course please contact our textbuyers. Their details can be found by clicking the link below. If you are new to The University of Auckland please come and see us in store to familiarise yourself with the University Bookshop and the peculiarities of the publishing industry in this part of the world. For further information on our services for lecturers please click here

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University Bookshop is a well established supplier of books to a large number of academic, municipal and professional libraries. Based at No 2 Alfred Street our experienced team offer a unique range services that include:

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